Review: Biolite FirePit

Introducing the Biolite FirePit the smokeless campfire of the future. That uses patent airflow technology thats like jet fuel for your flames giving you a hyper-efficient fire that wont chase you around camp.

Review: Vasque Breeze LT GTX Hiking Boots

The Vasque Breeze Lite is a quick, light-weight hiking boot that will take you the distance without feeling the miles. These boots feel like luxury while cutting weight and providing elite traction. Rest assured your feet will stay dry as the Breeze LT is as breathable as it is waterproof, making this the perfect boot for all your wet Pacific Northwest adventures and arid Southwestern ventures alike.

Review: REI Co-op Half Dome 2+

After several years of camping and backpacking, I have gone through my fair share of tents I started small and went big then back to small, it’s been fun testing out tents find out what worked and what didn’t, but not everyone has the luxury or the time to fail at least a few times. I finally found one I wish I would have started with. A tent with a super livable space thats big enough, strong enough, and light enough, at a price that’s attainable for most backpackers and campers alike.

Backpacking Basics: What to pack

The best feeling in the world is having dirt under your boots and everything you need to survive on your back, and nowadays we have so many options for those things we carry in our pack to help us survive in the backcountry and the decisions can be paralyzing. Use my gear guide to help curate your own backpacking kit, and never be in the wilderness without an essential piece of gear again. Learn what you should and should’t bring along and tips and tricks on how to pack and prep for your next trip.

Day Hiking: What to pack

Day hikes are short so maybe you think that means less gear, but that’s not necessarily true. Heres a quick run through of my day pack, what I like to bring along and also what is necessary to always bring along. Learn how to outfit your own pack with the perfect supplies for any adventure. 

Review: Sierra Designs Women’s Backcountry Bed 600

This bag doesn’t compromise anything except for weight you won’t even notice this super light bag in your pack. on the other hand you may fear such a light bag couldn’t possibly keep you warm but worry not this bag keeps you toasty all the way down to 22 degrees.

Review: Sierra Designs Flash 3 tent 

The Sierra Designs Flash 3 tent is perfect for couples who need a little more space especially if you have dogs like we do. The Flash 3 has a unibody design where the rain-fly is attached to the body of the tent which is excellent for setting up in the rain without getting the inside of your tent wet. 

Gifts to the Adventurer

If I had to choose a select few items that I could not live without in the city, on the trail or on the road I would chose these items with no regrets! Any of these items make great gifts for the adventurer in your life.

Adventure in a box 

Sometimes the things you need can be so expensive and seem unobtainable that you’re discouraged, and you put off the great outdoors. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to? What if there was a kit with everything you needed for any adventure all rolled up into one grab and go box? Thankfully I have found such a thing! and it’s affordable too!