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I’ve been an avid outdoors woman for over half a decade now. I know just as well as anyone how much time and money goes into accumulating all the gear you need for a successful adventure. Whether it’s just a weekend camping trip, your first overnight backpacking trip, or a summer road trip that you’ve been scheming for the entire year, everyone needs some essential things to get on the road. Sometimes the things you need can be so expensive and seem unobtainable that you’re discouraged, and you put off the great outdoors. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to? What if there was a kit with everything you needed for any adventure all rolled up into one grab and go box? Thankfully I have found such a thing!

This is to all the new adventure seekers, weekenders, those visiting from afar, and the budget friendly, just starting out, outdoorsy wannabe’s. Wannabe no more. Getting started is hard. I know first hand how long it took me to acquire every piece I needed or that I just wanted to have. Some were essential, others weren’t (like camp lights, a solar panel, or sleeping pad?) I know that last one sounds essential, but I just didn’t have one the first few times I went camping.  Besides getting the gear you need, I replaced gear so many times until I had fine tuned every single piece to be the perfect piece for me and my needs, that took a lot of trial and error. Not everyone has patience for that either.

Let’s say you have all the equipment needed for car camping, but suddenly you want to throw everything in a pack and head into the mountains! That’s great – if you want to carry 100 lbs on your back. So, now you need a whole new set of gear: a lighter tent, lighter sleeping bag, a backpack, a different stove…and the conundrum repeats itself.

Recently, I came across a local start up company right here in Portland, Oregon called XscapePod, which is the literal answer to your all-in-one gear rental needs. You can rent a box tailored to the single or double camper and backpacker at an affordable daily rate. XscapePod comes prepackaged with everything you need for your adventure (minus the food), delivered to your door, all in a self containing waterproof box. So when you jet off to camp all you need to do is enjoy nature. There will be no question of did we remember to bring that, or darn I didn’t realize we would need (fill in missing item of choice.) It’s happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. As an added bonus, if you fall in love with any of the gear included you can choose to keep it and they will charge you upon your return. This experience doubles as gear trial-and-error without the messiness of purchasing a full price item first, only to realize later you didn’t need it or want it.


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Even though I have my gear down to a science now, I had the Happy Glamper XscapePod delivered and opened it up to see what each piece had to offer, and how it compared to what I have and think are the necessities when it comes to car camping. I was very impressed with the presentation. Everything was neatly organized, and I found each item to be an integral component to a successful outdoor experience.

happy glampers-small-800x544.jpg

The items in the Happy Glamper – 2 person car camping pod I received:

Tent: Kelty 3 season 2-3 person
Sleeping Bags: Mens and Womens REI 3 season +15℉
Pillows: 2 x REI Stuff Sacks
Camp Chairs: 2 x REI
Water Sterilization: Steripen
Headlamps: 2 x Petzl
Sleeping Pads: 2 x Therm-a-Rest
Mess Kits: 2 x REI
Camp Stove: Coleman propane 2 Burner (fuel included, niiicceeeeee)
Cooking Utensils Kit: GSI
Fry Pan: GSI
French Press: GSI
Cooler: Hammersmith Weekender
Water Storage: 1 Gallon REI Collapsible
Marshmallow Skewers: 2 x GSI
Lantern: Coleman LED
First Aid Kit: REI
Water Bottles: Complimentary 16oz. Aluminum XscapePod bottles

Definitely the necessities, plus a couple items that I would consider to be extra nice to have like the utensil kit, which has literally everything you might need to flip, stir, whisk, or open.

The Steripen & water storage are a definite plus. Having clean water is really important and having enough is also great. I was happy to see one of my favorite go-to sterilization products included for those times you just didn’t bring enough with you. Being prepared is key, it’s always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Enjoy two complimentary XscapePod bottles too! A nice takeaway and a reminder of the experience hopefully made better by having everything you needed.

how it works 2


This Pod delivery service is seriously the easiest way to get into nature with minimal effort. I really love the idea of helping everyone spend time in the outdoors, even if you don’t own your gear that shouldn’t be something that holds you back, and I’m glad to say it doesn’t have to anymore. Now go, venture forth and explore the world!

To try one out for yourself visit and use code CAMP20 for 20% off your pod or, if your not completley convinced sign up for their newsletter to recieve monthly news, discounts and deals.

Disclosure: I was sent a Pod as part of this review, but all opinions expressed are my own.


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