Review: Vasque Breeze LT GTX Hiking Boots

The Vasque Breeze Lite is a quick, light-weight hiking boot that will take you the distance without feeling the miles. These boots feel like luxury while cutting weight and providing elite traction. Rest assured your feet will stay dry as the Breeze LT is as breathable as it is waterproof, making this the perfect boot for all your wet Pacific Northwest adventures and arid Southwestern ventures alike.

Notable Features

  • 25% lighter
  • waterproof protection and lasting comfort
  • athletic, responsive ride for efficient trail miles
  • Reduces sweat buildup 
  • superior support and shock absorption
  • state of the art cushioning

I had the chance to take my Breeze LT’s hiking in the hills of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge on a beautiful spring afternoon and I had no idea what to expect as I picked them up on my way out to the trail and really didn’t spend much time researching or testing them out in the store.

To my surprise when I laced them up at the trailhead, was how well they fit and how different it felt compared to any other boot I own. To be clear this is my third pair of Vasque boots I am clearly a fan through and through, you can’t go wrong with a brand with over 50 years of trail footwear innovation.

My family has been wearing Vasque boots for decades, I would say owning vasque boots only feels natural as it’s somewhat of a family tradition. My dad has a couple pairs of vasque boots from the 70’s still in use. That’s why I will always choose Vasque its a brand you can trust with quality that will continue to impress you year after year. Built on a foundation, of being honest, original and true to who you are and your customers is what keeps millions of people coming back to Vasque, and maybe now you will too.

They have a tailored fit, imagine a sock sewn onto a sole, hugging your arch and ankle snugly like a welcoming hug that feels more like a trail runner than a hiking boot. After hiking for nearly 7 hours my feet still felt fresh and weren’t tired or ready to trade them in for my obligatory post-hike sock and sandal combo.

We are in a time when hiking gear doesn’t have to be brown or ugly and I commend Vasque for really delivering on that. I loved the rich wine color of this boot, it offers a stark contrast to the green landscape of Oregon and really quite fashionable.

These boots have amazing traction and grip, comfort and stability while still maintaining breathability, and flexibility — all the features we search for but never find all in one boot. I haven’t tried these out on longer backpacking trips yet but I assume these would do better than you suspect a day hiker might. Stay tuned for an update later in the season.

I would recommend these boots to anyone looking for a lighter option for their adventures heading into the warmer spring and summer months. These boots will be my go-to pair for day hikes and overnight backpacking trips, hope to see you out there — Happy hiking!


Weight (pair)1 lb 6 oz
Footwear heightankle
UpperMicrofiber mesh
Midsole Dual-density compression-molded EVA
OutsoleVibram Megagrip rubber

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  1. Thank you for the wear experience Now when I decide to look for my next pair of hiking boot I will check them out


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