Review: Biolite FirePit

Have you ever been camping and tried to start a fire in subpar conditions? relentless wind, smoke chasing you around camp, unable to regulate the temperature, and a limiting location? or maybe you want a fire while visiting BLM land? Well, same! and I am here to tell you the campfire has evolved!

I’ve been camping since I was 6 months old, so I’ve definitely enjoyed my fair share of campfires. They’re great — until their not, right? You know what I’m talking about, it starts out great the wind died down, you built the perfect teepee or log house .. to each their own; the wood is perfectly dry and the fire starts quickly and burns efficiently. Until suddenly, the wind gusts come from out of nowhere or there’s some light rain and inevitably the fire is smokey and your chasing your friends around the fire for the best smokeless spot to sit and enjoy the warmth.

Luckily those days are behind us, welcome to the smokeless campfire of the future. This past weekend I tried out the Biolite firepit on a camping trip up to Eastern Washington. I thought it would be a fun new gadget to test out on our first camping trip of the season; it far exceeded my expectations and I will never go camping without my firePit, my boyfriend and I affectionately named smokey, ever again.

The firePit uses patent airflow technology that injects the fire with oxygen in key areas which creates a uniform temperature and better combustion giving you hyper-efficient flames. Basically, your fire is lit and it ain’t going out for about 24 hours (if you run it on low). You’ll also enjoy the pleasant crackle and pop with a view thanks to the x-ray mesh you’ve got a 360-degree view of your floating campfire.

  1. USB Rechargeable Powerpack
  2. 51 Air Jets inject the fire with oxygen
  3. Folding Legs Makes portability a snap.
  4. Cook hibachi- style meals using the removable grill grate.
  5. X-Ray Mesh The 360° viewing lets you see it all
  6. Bluetooth Integration

The FirePit works with charcoal or wood you just lower or raise the fuel rack to go from campfire to hibachi grill with the included grill grate your ready to cook something amazing in no time at all. You can even control the size of your flames remotely from the free Bluetooth Biolite app or use the buttons on the side of the battery pack, which you can even detach to charge your devices in between campfires and cooking kabobs.

So we carried Smokey over to our camp spot, unfolded the legs and found a nice level spot. When dusk arrived and we were starving we put a few pieces of small kindling wood in, lit it, added a couple of logs we had chopped and powered the FirePit up. The quiet hum whispered air through the cavity and the small amount of smoke that had been wafting into the air ceased at once, it was truly magical. Turning up the heat from low to medium quickly ignited all the logs and within a minute or so we were ready to start cooking.

While setting up there were actually gusts of wind up to 50 mph the entire time we were starting the fire, cooking and eating. No one else in camp was able to have a fire until the sun had set. The takeaway: no amount of wind will phase Smokey one bit. We had a fire going all evening after dinner, when it cooled down a bit we turned up the heat it felt pretty extra, I have to say. But I now cannot imagine another camping trip without it. Forever will I have warm toes on demand and energy everywhere.

Have you heard of Biolite before? the FirePit is not the only incredibly smart item they’ve created. BioLite is on a mission to bring Energy Everywhere™ with revolutionary products that transform the way we Cook, Charge and Light our lives off the grid. But that’s not all! Biolite is a conscious company, as we all are much more aware of our footprint, and Biolite is no different — a company dedicated to both people and planet, taking responsibility for their footprint and are committed to mitigating those climate impacts. To read more about Biolite’s carbon neutrality.

Are you ready to take your campfire to the next level? check out the Biolite FirePit for yourself or discover some of the other great products.

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. You can learn more by reading our Transparency Page

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