Hey there!

Why I’m here

I’ve been wandering the PNW for the last several years & want to share my experiences outdoors, some tips I’ve picked up along the way, maybe some great gear I love and use myself , and of course I hope to inspire others to get outside and spend some time with nature.

A bit about me

I’m Bre & currently located in Portland Oregon, although I grew up in California I am influenced by many regions. I moved to Oregon about 4 years ago to finish college, I graduated with a degree in Arts. I am currently a freelance graphic designer transitioning from local agencies and large outdoor companies to a mobile designer as I begin to travel more frequently. A nomadic lifestyle has been engrained in me for quite some time, before I moved to Oregon I was in the United States Navy for four years where I was stationed all over the east coast and became fond of constantly changing my environment and thus my perspective.

Being a veteran, I felt like something was missing after I left the military. I had always been in nature as a kid, my parents took me camping each summer only a few short months after I was born. Nature always had a special place in my life and family. As a teen the outdoors took a backseat, so much so that it almost struck me as shocking when I finally realized; just like the good John Muir once said going to the mountains really was going home. I found the piece that would carve the path to a future I didn’t even know I wanted yet.

Being outside, being connected to this earth, has changed my life, the way I see the world and most definitely the human I have become. This earth is an amazing place and I can’t wait to share the captivating scenery, the hidden gems, the remote campsites, the random dirt roads and anything we stumble upon along the way.