Welcome to my Adventure blog! A place to share my adventures outside, discuss my favorite gear & outdoor brands, and share my nature photography and possibly some great recipes. So, Follow along as I hike trails and share the views. Explore off grid camp spots and the road there, Cliff jump, swim remote watering holes and everything else inbetween. Happy trails my friends, I hope to see you out there!


Backpacking Basics: What to pack

The best feeling in the world is having dirt under your boots and everything you need to survive on your back, and nowadays we have so many options for those things we carry in our pack to help us survive in the backcountry and the decisions can be paralyzing. Use my gear guide to help curate your own backpacking kit, and never be in the wilderness without an essential piece of gear again. Learn what you should and should’t bring along and tips and tricks on how to pack and prep for your next trip.

Day Hiking: What to pack

Day hikes are short so maybe you think that means less gear, but that’s not necessarily true. Heres a quick run through of my day pack, what I like to bring along and also what is necessary to always bring along. Learn how to outfit your own pack with the perfect supplies for any adventure. 

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