My Favorite (Adventure) Things

I am trying to become one of those people that doesn’t “need” her things but until then I am a tech/gear junkie at heart and I love my toys. But if I had to choose a select few items that I could not live without in the city, on the trail or on the road I would chose these items with no regrets!

Here they are in no particular order >>


Word – Adventure Log notebooks

I love keeping track of the small details along a hike, or a camping trip that I would otherwise forget once I got home. The Adventure Log is designed to help you remember all those amazing trips and expeditions in your life. Each page has callouts for the Location, Date, and Conditions of your trip, along with a spot for Companions and a large Notes section for all you want to remember. Fill out the pages during your vacations, camping trips, and other outings, and you’ll be left with a lifetime of memories. No adventure would feel complete without a log book along for the notes I have to jot.


Biolite- Power Light Mini

I love this little light– little it may be but mighty its light shines. This portable on-the-go lantern is the most convenient light I’ve added to my pack.  You can set it up on a table or a rock with it’s built in kickstand, you can clip it to your shirt or strap and it becomes a wearable lantern, it can even be mounted on the back of your bike to use as a tail light in the red light mode. The USB rechargeable battery provides up to 52 hours of light or a charge to your phone.


SteriPEN- Adventurer Opti Water Purifier

Compact and lightweight, the SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Water Purifier uses a revolutionary optical eye to sense water and purifies water in even the coldest conditions. Its very easy to use with a simple push button switch to operate the device making clean drinking water a synch.


Biolite – SolarPanel 5+

Featuring the Optimal Sun System, the BioLite SolarPanel 5+ has smart yet simple details to get off-grid energy to your gear with maximum efficiency. It powers your devices in real time when the sun is shining, or from stored energy thanks to the integrated battery, the 360° kickstand and sundial align to the direction of the sun so finding the optimal spot is a breeze. The Panel Features 2 corner loops for attaching rope or carabiners & the ultra slim design creates a minimalist profile that slips easily into your pack.


LifeProof NÜÜD – iPhone Case

Everyone needs to be able to take some awesome travel photos and theres no way i’m going to stand at the edge of a waterfall  without protecting my device. WaterProof, DropProof and screenless, NÜÜD iPhone 6 case takes your phone into every adrenaline-filled adventure and back again.


Jetboil- MiniMo cooking system

This stove is all you need! we use it in the backcountry, on road trips, camping in the forest– it has the fastest boil time on the market and with sturdy handles it is a breeze to eat  or drink a cup of coffee. A push button ignitor makes using the stove fast and efficient. We like the size because its big enough to boil water for two people yet small enough to still be light heading down the trail in your pack.


Jawbone- Jambox Mini

This tiny wireless speaker outshines its larger predecessor with a single aluminum enclosure its not only beautifully designed it sounds great for the size. Although its not technically intended for the outdoors as it doesn’t come with any protective covers or cases its still my favorite device to bring along on any trip. This mini bluetooth enabled speaker makes easy listening of your tunes it was made to be portable it feels comfortable to carry wherever you go for at least 10 hours.


Vasque- Skywalk GTX

These sturdy backpacking boots will get you over every mountain and through every stream. This retro style is just the icing on the cake, the skywalk is an incredibly capable, surprisingly nimble and award-winning trail traveler that is back by popular demand. My father has the same pair of boots but they’re from the 70’s a true vintage boot and they are still running wild on the trail. These will fast become your favorite piece of staple gear.


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