The grandeur of Abiqua Falls

_1Nestled in the foot of the western cascades lies the waterfall that was almost forgotten, hidden in basalt rock canyon almost 100 ft tall, unlike the waterfalls up the road at Silver Falls State Park, Abiqua Falls definitely stands above the rest with grandeur, massive volume and exquisite remoteness.

Take Highway 213 South of Oregon City. Once you get to Molalla go east when you see the sign for Scotts Mills.When you arrive in Scotts Mills go south at Crooked Finger Road, continue until the paved road ends follow CF300 through the canyon for another mile.*Be advised the un-paved road is quite uneven and very steep with lots of potholes any vehicle continuing should be 4×4 capable.

A few yards away you’ll get to an open area and go through a gate, then downhill until you pass two or three junctions, you’ll arrive at a locked gate about 2 and half miles later (from Crooked Finger Road). There’s parking on the left, make sure to use the bathroom in town before you head down to the trail as there are no facilities at the trailhead.


A short walk to an unmarked trailhead on your right, as you head back down the gravel road the way you came there will be 2 trails; choose the second trail approximately 100 feet away, the first trail begins right where the parking lot starts and is a bit more rough and less traveled.


The trail descends steeply, and is lined with a rope to aide in safe passage, but is much more helpful on the way back up, dropping down until you reach the river. Once you reach the river the rest of the trek is fairly easy depending on the time of year. The river was not too high at the dawn of spring when we visited. You should head left and skirt the river on an unmarked trail until you reach the last bend and finally gaze upon this beauty; Abiqua Falls. There is a fairly large open area to set up a chair and just ponder the beauty, have lunch, take a photo, However I would advise wearing sturdy shoes; it’s slippery! And arriving early the parking area is quite small and I can imagine will fill up quickly on a warm summer day.


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  1. Awesome! God’s beauty is a wonderful peace, I love it!
    Maybe one day I can go there to embrace his creation. Thank you for sharing Breana. Auntie Sandra.

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